Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and Javed Akhtar debate

In early April 2013 I posted on this blog a critique of a speech by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He delivered it at an India Today Conclave. In June I posted a critique of the speech that was made in introduction by Javed Akhtar. Akhtar’s brief was dispassionately to set the scene for Vasudev’s speech, and he did so; but it felt to me at the time as if he was suppressing strong views that he would have liked to liberate.

So I was excited to find that Tehelka had brought the two of them together in conversation with Shoma Chaudhury at one of their Think sessions in 2012.

As Chaudhury introduces the session you hear the tribal applause and cheers as each name is mentioned. Is this really going to be a verbal gladiatorial contest? If so it will be a treat.

I quickly doff my rhetor hat and just enjoy.  I invite you to do the same.