Distance Coaching

This blog has readers in more than a hundred countries, and has resulted in many enquiries from people around the world seeking my help.  I am in the UK, and the money and time involved in the travel caused me to disappoint too many in the early days.  Chief amongst those disappointed was me, because I am passionate about my work and want to help people.


Melissa Menke, Founder and CEO of Access Afya, a company in Kenya, has my thanks. She and I helped each other. I with her public speaking and presentation: she by being a guinea-pig for the technology involved in distance learning.

I have never actually met her! We did it all over video links between East Anglia in the UK, and Nairobi in Kenya. Now I am proud to call her a friend.

Ummul Choudhury, Co-Founder and Director of Bidna Capoeira and Nicole Stubbs, Co-Founder and CEO of First Access, likewise consulted me, the latter now having had a PopTech talk critiqued on this blog.

Over the past few years I’ve been able to help many people on four continents.  Isn’t technology wonderful!

Today distance coaching has settled into a simple and cost-effective process. You and I have a ten-minute chat over video link. There is no commitment attached to this chat, and I make no charge for it, but it is very valuable. It enables me to find out what are the issues at stake and to propose a programme to fix them, and for you to decide whether you want to proceed. The proposed programme will usually consist of half-hour video-link sessions.  It is seldom more than two hours in total, because I have been coaching for so long, and doing it with people whose time is so precious, that I have got quite good at fixing problems quickly!

With many people on lockdown I have recently been getting distance coaching enquiries from very small distances – like ten miles.  I have also discovered Zoom.  There are plans for Zoom groups of 6 people at a time.

If you have any issues over public speaking and want to explore the possibility of seeking my help, please contact me via the form below. This blog is evidence that too many people stagger painfully on, assuming that their problem is irreparable. I’ve yet to find one that can’t be solved.


To contact me to learn more, please email me at distance@auracle.co.uk, putting Distance Coaching in the subject line.

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