Absent Videos

For me one of the most pleasing aspects of looking at the stats that WordPress supplies is seeing how visitors have trawled through the archive and apparently enjoyed articles that I posted many months ago. I do try to be mindful of this when writing, attempting to make pieces timeless and almost as interesting in a year’s time as this week. Indeed many articles focus on videos of speeches that were already pretty historic when I addressed them.

However, sometimes when I go to look at old postings myself I find that the video in question no longer exists – for instance all the Oxford Union videos were unavailable for some months before being reinstated. And sometimes when that happens I am able to find another copy of the same speech somewhere else, and therefore can fill the empty space.

There are already a little more than 200 postings in the archive, and I simply do not have time to monitor them all. So I am asking your assistance. If you happen upon a posting whose video is unavailable please go to the contact page and let me know.

It doesn’t need much – e.g. –

Hi Brian, Albert Funnyface talking about Penguin Legs – no video. regards Sam

– would be more than enough for me to go there and try and sort it.

That would be really helpful, thanks –


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