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When it comes to public speaking don’t try to be perfect, strive to be excellent. Perfection is a flawless automaton — boring as hell.  Excellence is you, the real you with all your idiosyncrasies, expressing yourself at the top of your game.

Excellence in public speaking is like the Holy Grail: you never quite find it, you’re never quite satisfied. But who cares? — working on continuous improvement is a lot of fun, even if it does last a lifetime. On the other hand no one wants to spend a lifetime being lectured by someone like me. That’s why in a handful of hours with my trainees I kickstart the process by teaching them how to teach themselves and making them want to; so then they take over.

A few simple guidelines and then the right mindset. You can get more detail here.

I have the best job in the world! By freeing people from all the things holding them back, releasing the ability within them, but most importantly enabling them to reveal their real personality, I help them turn themselves into better speakers than most of those featured in this blog! I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve helped, though I have made some fantastic friends in the process. You can meet some of them here…

You can learn more by visiting my Auracle website and you can hear one of my past trainees reminisce if you look down this page.

If you want help with your speaking and if you are not in the UK (or are in the UK but pandemically unable to meet me face to face), why not visit my Distance Learning page?

Contact me on info@auracle.co.uk



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