An Inspired Outburst

I spend a great deal of browsing time, looking for material for this blog. I am specifically looking for speeches, but occasionally I turn the hunt on its head and look for egregious speaking in any other context. When I find it I then look to see if the speaker has speeches on line. It is a system that has proved very effective.

Thus it was that I happened upon this …

This is Brigitte Gabriel.

Man, can she speak! I often tell my trainees that passion is worth buckets of technique, but the dream ticket is to have both. Then the passion can be most effectively channelled.

She has both: buckets and buckets of both.

In three and a half minutes, shooting from the hip, she improvises a mini speech that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Boy, what an end – I love her last sentence! Furthermore this mini speech has a Face

The peaceful majority were irrelevant

Yes, I know that it’s the safest of bets that she has said all this before, and often, but that’s not the point. It is only by really understanding speaking structure that you can deliver a message instantly tailored to any time-slot required. This speech epitomises so much that I teach that it makes my head spin. I don’t flatter myself that she has read my book. On the other hand I can tell you that she doesn’t need to. I have seldom seen an audience’s g-spot hit so squarely.

Speaking personally, without my rhetor hat on, it was also good to hear her implied message of people ultimately being wiser than their “leaders” (I detest the term). That is the bedrock of democracy, and the reason that tyrannies always fail in the end.

I went seeking examples on line of her formal speaking.

No prizes for guessing who will be the subject of my next blog posting.

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