Piers Corbyn drowns us in data

At the Electric Universe  2014 Conference in Albuquerque in March, there was a talk given by Piers Corbyn. He is the Managing Director of WeatherAction whose long-range forecasting accuracy makes the Meteorological Office look like they read tea-leaves.

I have been known in this blog to complain about those in the Climate Debate who fail to show any workings but merely rely on argumenta ad verecundiam, populum or hominem. From what I’ve seen of him before, Piers Corbyn was unlikely to waste our time that way.  Shall we see?

Brits who are old enough will remember Dr Magnus Pyke. He was a scientist who made a name for himself by appearing on TV, breaking all the normal rules for TV presenters, and being compulsive watching. For years I held him up as an example to prove that ultimately there are no rules. To a degree Piers Corbyn is cast in the Pyke mold. He doesn’t wave his arms around in the same manic fashion, but he is manic with data.

He needs someone like me to throw all his appallingly wordy slides into the dustbin. What is that monstrosity that covers his arrival onstage? If I were advising him I would declare roundly to his face that none of his slides are as interesting or informative as the words he utters, so burn the lot. He might disagree, and the consequent argument might conclude with his saving one or two, but we’d have weeded out a lot of crap.

That globe, on the other hand, with its ridiculous piece of plastic piping to represent the jet-stream and with which he gets hilariously entangled, is wonderful. I love it, plastic piping and all

I would also struggle to organize and structure his data in a way that would give a lay audience a remote chance of understanding some of it. Showing your workings is one thing, but this gets close to death-by-data. The stuff gushes out of him in an incontinent flood. There is one beneficial byproduct: you find yourself concentrating fiercely in the hope of catching the occasional morsel that ricochets out of the cascade, and bit by bit you sort-of understand.

And actually that’s all that matters. He gets across his message. He also gets across his contempt for climate alarmism, which we all knew he would – given that he shows his workings.

The speech is as messy as all hell, but it almost works.

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